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If you’ve dieted and exercised but haven’t seen the results you’re hoping for, you’re not alone. The reality is, no amount of weight loss effort can help reduce specific areas of fat. Although liposuction has traditionally been the solution to stubborn fat, CoolSculpting is now the industry-leading non-surgical alternative and one of the most popular body sculpting procedures performed each year.

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What Is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting Is An Advanced New Technology That Uses Freezing Energy To Spot Reduce Fat Cells. Developed Over Many Decades By Harvard Scientists, It Uses A Property Called Cryolipolysis. By Administering Cooling Energy, The Fat Cells Underneath The Skin Crystalize Without Damaging The Rest Of The Surrounding Tissues. Once The Fat Cells Crystalize, They Are Removed From The Body Through Its Normal Metabolic Pathways. And Once The Fat Cells Are Removed, They Are Permanently Gone From The Body, Producing Long-Lasting Definition In Your Treatment Areas.

In Short, Coolsculpting Produces The Same Permanent Results As Liposuction But Without The Incisions, Downtime, Or Recovery.

Am I A Good Candidate For Coolsculpting?

Almost Anyone Who Is Bothered By Pockets Of Stubborn Fat Can Benefit From Coolsculpting. The Best Candidates Are People Who Have Pinchable Inches Of Fat In Areas Like The Stomach, Hips, Thighs, Chin, Or Arms. The Best Candidates Also Have Good Skin Elasticity And Are Not Looking For A Weight Loss Solution. During A Private Body Sculpting Consultation, Dr. Lee Colony Will Help You Determine How Coolsculpting Can Fit Your Aesthetic Goals.

Your Coolsculpting Treatment

Your Fat Freezing Session Takes Place Right At Our Comfortable East Lansing Coolsculpting Suite. To Begin, Dr. Colony Will Help You Develop A Treatment Plan Based On Your Body Goals. Then, The Correct Applicator For Your Treatment Area Will Be Selected. Once You’re Ready, The Applicator Will Be Placed Over The Treatment Area And Will Begin To Administer Cooling Energy To The Underlying Fatty Tissue. This Process Can Take 30-60 Minutes And You Can Relax Throughout, Catching Up On Your Book Or Show. Most Patients Report Only Some Numbness During Treatment. Once Complete, You Can Return To The Rest Of Your Daily Activities.

Coolsculpting Results And Recovery

You Can Expect To Begin Seeing Your Coolsculpting Results Within 3-6 Weeks. However, The Process Of Flushing Out Crystalized Fat Cells Takes Time And Typically Continues For Up To Six Months. You Can Enhance Your Results With Subsequent Treatments, And Dr. Colony Will Give You The Best Estimate Of How Many Treatments Will Suit Your Results. Most Treatment Sessions Are Performed 3-6 Months Apart.

In Order To Get The Most Out Of Your Coolsculpting Results, It’s Essential To Maintain An Active And Healthy Lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions about CoolSculpting

How long does CoolSculpting last?

The results of CoolSculpting are permanent. This means that the fat cells that are removed during treatment will not return; however, it cannot stop new fat cells from forming.

How many inches can I lose with CoolSculpting?

For some, 2-3 inches of fat can be removed in a large treatment area, such as the abdomen.

How many pounds can CoolSculpting remove?

CoolSculpting can eliminate 2-5 pounds of body fat for some people. However, CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment, not a weight loss solution. You should not expect to lose a large amount of weight from this treatment.

How long is 1 session of CoolSculpting?

One CoolSculpting treatment can take between 30-60 minutes to complete.

How much does CoolSculpting cost?

The CoolSculpting procedure may vary in cost depending on your individual goals. Please contact our practice today to learn more about pricing.

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